Volunteers' Charter:

We believe that:

  • Volunteer involvement should be recognised, valued and supported

  • Volunteers should be enabled to support other volunteers

  • Every volunteering opportunity should have a valid role description

  • Organisations who use volunteers should  work with volunteers in a positive fashion

  • Organisations should be encouraged to offer choice in volunteering roles

  • Volunteers should have the ability to progress and develop in their roles

  • People of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, where appropriate,  should be encouraged to  volunteer

  • Volunteers should not be used to replace paid staff

  • Organisations  should  provide out of pocket expenses to all volunteers

  • Organisations should ensure, wherever possible, that sufficient time and resources are available for the training of volunteers and that this training is tailored to the individual’s needs and abilities

  • Volunteers should have increased involvement within organisations to encourage ownership and responsibility and so as to recognise volunteers as active stakeholders

  • The mutual benefit of volunteering  should be actively promoted to:
    Service users